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Entry 41: May 24, 2012
I officially HATE my bandsaw. I've been fighting with my Skil 9" bandsaw today and it's just a PitA. It doesn't want to cut through my 1.5" joists, can't follow a slight angle over length, and if it gets stuck, it either trips the stupid built-in surge button, or the blade comes off the wheel.

My advice to everyone, don't buy a table-top bandsaw unless you plan on cutting soft woods and MDF, and you don't exceed 1-2 inches in thickness.

I mean, it worked great for my 3" thick corbels, but it just doesn't seem to like the joists today.

If I had the money and space, I might go for one of those larger, industrial 14" bandsaws, but these tabletop one are a joke for any real work.

Posted by James B.: Have to agree, I started a wood shop in my basement and found the tabletop I got from a friend cannot handle any hardwoods so I got a powermatic 16 inch with riser block on creigslist and have been happy since.

Entry 42: May 25, 2012
I can't catch a break!! I was working on the addition of the garage this afternoon when I started having severe pains in my lower right side. I crawled my way upstairs weeping and waited for my wife to come home. She then drove me to the doctor where I found out I have an 8mm kidney stone I need to pass!

So now, I've got good drugs, some other "special supplies" and, my doctor told me to drink plenty of beer because it will help pass the stone.

It's going to be an interesting 24-48 hours.

Right now I'm doing fine (thank you pharmacy) and I just think the x-ray is really cool. Those are MY bones!!

Posted by Hilda: Ohhhhh noooooo!! When I first read this last post I had to hurry and scroll up to see if you had been injured during the remodel! Yikes!! Please get better soon!! Not to scare you ~ but have Endora stay close during your bathroom breaks until you get rid of that bad boy! My hubby passed one last year and almost fell off the throne he got so dizzy. Awwwwww.... best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Entry 43: May 26, 2012
Saturday morning and I'm getting stuff done. Vicodin is wonderful! I feel like I'm 24 again. Full of energy and nothing hurts.

Entry 44: May 27, 2012
Sunday morning, 55 degrees and overcast, but not raining. Perfect for roof work!
Posted by Arronaf: wow you are a trooper! Not sure I would be doing much with a kidney stone, other than drinking beer and relaxing.
Raven's Hollow Cemetery: Ugh, I wish I could say the same. Although, it's hand full of degrees cooler than the preceding couple of days, it's still hot as hades @ 94°. That Vicodin must be a nice dosage, because my buddy Ron has kidney stones pass on a regular basis, and nothing they give him does much to touch the pain, aside from knocking him out. He's no sissy either, trust me on that.
Frughoul: Hope everything gets out of your system with minimal pain, TK, feel better man!

Entry 44, Continued: May 27, 2012
I'm feeling great! I don't know where the stone is, but it's not doing a damn thing. If it doesn't do anything today or tomorrow, I'm supposed to go back into the doctor.

For now, I swear, nothing hurts! Not my back, kidney, shoulders, nothing. I forgot how good it felt to be young!

Now, if I could just get my wife alone for an hour. Prefereably in a hotel so she can make some noise. (That might be the vicodin talking)

Entry 44, Continued: May 27, 2012
Still feeling good. Got a lot of "little stuff" done today that really needed to get done. I was able to lay out all the electrical and plot it out so I could cut some shallow groves beneath the subfloor. I was then able to cut all the pieces for the subfloor and get it down. It's not nailed in yet because I need a helper to set the tongue and groove so I can tap the sheets into final position. Hopefully, I can do that in the morning.

As soon as the subfloor is nailed in, I can go big time on the framing!

Already did a bit of framing. I gotta say, everything looks bigger when you actually build it. It looked so simple on my computer?!

Here's the glorious subfloor all cut and laid down. I'm so happy to see this stage.

Until I have the new roof built so I can tie in the A-Frame truss, I need to leave it as-is for structural support reasons.

Posted by Raven's Hollow Cemetery: Happy to hear your still feeling better, and showing some good progress too. Very nice.

Entry 45, Continued: May 28, 2012

If anyone knows some tricks for properly sealing a second story balcony, please let me know. I've got the subfloor down and I need to know the best way to prepare the exterior balcony area for years of leak-free enjoyment.

As soon as the subfloor is nailed in, I can go big time on the framing!

Posted by Irishguy: There are a bunch of commercial subfloor sealers on the market. The real question is what you want the final finish to be on your balcony. This will dictate what sealer to use. Whatever you do, make sure it's a rot/mildew resistant sealer for exterior use!
Posted by CreepyHomemaker: That OSB isn't the balcony floor is it?
That's the subfloor. I'm going to put plywood over that with a slight grade to the front of the garage for run off.
Posted by Frughoul: Just a random thought but you might want to start a thread on this project on a remodeling or home building forum. It would be a pain to run two threads simultaneously, what with pictures and all, but I'd bet they would have more experience with what you're attempting. I know how to make a foam tombstone, but I don't know anything about roofs/balconies! You've done a great job detailing this project, hope you get the advice you need to be successful! Good luck!
That's a good idea. I'll see if I can find a proper forum. So many of them are specialized, I haven't had much success with a general home building forum. Still, I want to keep you all in the loop on this!
Posted by Mordessa: Yes please keep us in the loop! This is currently my favorite thread to read! I am loving all these pictures! I wish I could be there to lend a hand!

I'm glad you aren't feeling any pain, I hope it stays that way! Keep up the awesome work!

SavageEye: Don't forget to add the secret passages! You know the secret hallway behind the bookshelf type thing.

Entry 45, Continued: May 28, 2012
I was able to knock the subfloor together and started some additional framing. The knee wall will support the outer edge of the mansard roof, while the main wall will support the roof.

I've spent the better part of the evening trying to find a remodel or DIY forum where I could post a synopsis of my project and ask for more professional advice. Sadly, I[ve been through several forums so far, and I still haven't found one that suits my needs.

Does anyone out there know of a good forum that covers remodelling, new construction, etc.?

Entry 46: May 29, 2012
Call me stupid (please!) and tell me what a bad idea this is:

The balcony is mainly for show. It's not wide enough, or really accessible enough, to be used on a daily basis. My main purpose for having the balcony is so that I have more area to decorate and an easier way to access it. Of course, if I find that I really like the balcony and enjoy being out there, then I might add an exterior door from our master bedroom. If I do that, it would have more traffic, but nothing like a main family area, frong porch, or deck. Pretty much just my wife and I.

Entry 46, Continued: May 29, 2012
Here is a much better idea for the balcony and shows how it will join with the front cap roof. If I angle the balcony plywood flooring and allow it to overlap the roof sheathing, cover the whole thing with roofing tar paper, put up the roof shingles, and finally put down the rolled roofing, water should follow gravity and roll right off.

Entry 46, Continued: May 29, 2012
Had a good afternoon cutting 2x4s and framing. I was able to frame out the front half of the space and the knee wall that will support the mansard roof. My eight year old was kind enough to stand in with a couple of bluckies to show scale.

From the driveway you can see the knee wall that surrounds the full wall. This knee wall will support the 2x10 angle cut joists that give the mansard wall it's curve.

Here's a view from the top of the stairs. My daughter, Sam, is standing in the same spot to give you a sense of where things are.

Here's the left side and tower interior. On this side, the knee wall will go back seven feet before joining the main wall.

Entry 47: May 31, 2012
My lovely and kind wife was sweet enough to let me sleep in this morning (for me, sleeping in means I don't get up until 7am) and, unfortunately, I woke up to the crashing sound of clamps popping off the tarp and gallons of water spilling into the garage.

I was able to use the shop vac and suck up about 5 gallons of water. The good news is the floor of the garage was pretty clean, and there wasn't much in the way, so it all just splashed down the wall and onto the concrete floor.

I have since re-set the tarp with some additional 2x4 supports and I think it will hold much better now. I've got all the wood I need and my brother-in-law is coming over Sunday to roof everything.

I can't wait!!

Posted by Raven's Hollow Cemetery: Sounds like a great name for a grade B horror flick "Rain of the Damned", or was that just "damned rain"? Ok, enough of the bad jokes, although I could certainly stoop to tossing a few about, concerning the wood comment. Lol! Seriously though, happy to hear nothing was damaged, and the roof will be up soon! Although, no one I know looks forward to roofing.

Entry 47, Continued: May 31, 2012
It rained all morning, but in the afternoon I was able to take the tarp off, build the back wall, bring up some of the new lumber I bought, and stack and clamp things to make for a very sturdy and stable tarp tonight and tomorrow.

I'm really happy with how things are turning out and I wish I could dedicate all of tomorrow and Saturday to building, but we're going to the West Coast Haunter's Convention!!! I'll be back to building on Sunday with some help from my young, fit brother-in-law.

Here is the new back wall. I'll be putting in two 36x24 slide windows to give plenty of natural light to the space. You can also appreciate the tarp job. No way is this making a puddle problem. (When I looked at this picture, I suddenly noticed I did something foolish. Can anyone else see my eager error?)

Here's the front right side of the area. Nothing new, just proud of the tarp job.

This is the left side and the tower extention. The outer knee wall is up and I'm cutting the mansard joists in the garage. At some point I'm going to have to trim back that maple.

Posted by Scream1973: Yes i did notice.. How are you going to free all those poor halloween props from thier prison.
Im The Goddess: I noticed too. Hope those fit through the studs, or you could always put in a little window so they can look out into the room.
Mordessa:Oh no! How are you going to get that stuff out from the crawl space? Perhaps it would be a good idea to frame up some doors into that wall so you can still use it as crawl space storage, and free your props at the same time?

I'm curious to see how you work it out!

But I must say that is a mighty nice tarp job there! Looks so secure and worry free! I hope it proves to be just that until you are ready to do the roofing.

Have a great time at the convention! I'm so jealous! Wish I could go to a Halloween convention!

Don't forget to take pictures and let us know what you find at the convention.

Raven's Hollow Cemetery: Ouch! It's too bad that code is 16" on center, if it were 24", you wouldn't have any problem getting most of it out. That's gonna be fun if you were firing ring shanks w/ resin tape... :/ *gives a supportive pat on the back* Have you rescued the props from their prison yet?

Entry 48: June 3, 2012
Got the sheathing for the roof up yesterday, woke up this morning to a flooded garage (again). Seems we had a lot of rain overnight and, while the sheathing helped guide the water, it still found every seam and got everything wet. What I need to do is get the roofing paper up to cover all the seams so the water will run to the edge and not create small waterfalls every four feet.

The foreground shows the 5ft flat roof and behind that is the sloped roof.

Another shot of the rafters showing the jack rafter (glad I had some help getting that beast into place.

Entry 49: June 5, 2012
Had a good day putting the roof together. Like everything else, it takes longer than you think, but it's important to measure twice and cut once. I took that extra time today and I'm really happy that I did. The roof joists all fit together and look great. I threw up some sheathing, but I haven't nailed anything down, I just wanted to get some shade up.

The rain keeps coming down (which is good, because it keeps me on task with my job) but I did go out a while ago and throw the giant tarp back up. At least with the tarp up, I won't get more water in the garage. The next time I can take a break, I'll go in with the wet vac and try and get a few gallons off the floor.

Entry 50: June 7, 2012
No work on the house until next week. The rain is really coming down and the garage is leaking, but not too bad now that the big tarp is up. I've been slammed with work this week (stupid deadlines) so I'm hoping I can get some time over the weekend to improve the roof situation, but who knows.

If ANYONE knows some good roofing techniques for a shallow sloped roof and/or a flat roof, please let me know. I'm looking for something that will last for years and years! The rolled roofing from Lowes is only a 10 year fix. I'd like to use a rubber roof or something like that, but I can't get a straight answer on what products (or series of producs) to use. I go to Lowes and they have a row of stuff from liquid tar to sealants to finishes, but no clear explanation of what combination I need to create a solid, waterproof roof.

And like I said, I have way too much work right now to step out and research anything. Spent 15 hours at my computer yesterday, probably going to spend more time today.

SavageHaunter: The rain keeps on coming down.
Im the Goddess: How about a tin roof.? I think it would compement the style you're trying to achieve, and they come in many colors.

A Metal roof might be an option, but I worry about the use of two very different materials. I still want to shingle the front mansard roof and towers, so it's only the flat and shallow roof that would be metal. It's an option. I might actually have to contract this portion of the build out. Hate to do it because of the cost, but roofing is something tht should really be done right!

Entry 51: June 9, 2012
Had a great lesson on roofing today and got lots of good information. I now have a three step method for waterproofing the flat and shallow roof areas.
1. Clean off sheathing surface of roof and apply BlackJack Rolling Roof Adhesive.
2. Secure rolled asphalt roofing with minimun 2" overlap to sheathing (with above adhesive).
3. Saturate roof with one of BlackJack sealing non-fiber roof coating.

This afternoon my daughter and I will finish the sheathing and roll out the rolled asphalt roofing. (They say to roll it out ahead of time so it can climatize and "unroll" so there won't be cracks and buckling.) Tomorrow I'll start spreading the adhesive and putting down the rolled asphalt. Let that adhere, and later this week I'll put on the membrane coating!

Entry 51, Continued: June 9, 2012
Good evening. Well, we finished one wall that was letting in a lot of wind and rain, we finished framing and sheathing the roof, and we rolled out two rolls of the rolled roofing (I need to go back and buy one more) so they can lay down and get ready for tomorrow.

A competed wall (almost). At least sidways rain and excess roof water won't come in as much.

Finished the joists for the tower roof area. Nice to have everything braced, straightened, and sheathed.

Two flat strips of rolled roofing, getting ready to be glued down tomorrow. Need to get one more roll first thing tomorrow morning and roll it out so I can use it in the afternoon.

Even with all the construction and noise, we still have bats in the bathouse! I can't believe it, but I'm happy to see the little guys.

Raven's Hollow Cemetery: Wow, a lot has gone on in the last few days. Somethings wrong with my thread subscriptions, and I didn't know anyone had even replied. Well, it looks like you found what you were looking for anyway. So are you going with the FiberTite membrane I suggested earlier, or another?
It's all part of the BlackJack system. They have a serues of adhesives, barriers, and membranes. I spent a lot of time getting educated today so I could buy the proper materials and put it all down the right way.

It's going to be messy, but worth it!

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