Mill Creek Haunted Hollow: Construction BLOG

Entry 62: June 28, 2012
Another day without rain (so far) and I feel I made more progress. I always wish I could do three or four times as much in a day, but measuring, cutting, and carrying all take their tole. I might get back out there, but for now, I need to take a break and have a rootbeer.

So far, I've been able to rebuild the balcony support headers, put in the last of the right-side porch joists, and put in the right-side balcony joists.

The next thing I need to do is cut the subfloor to fit and line up with the joists, then start working on the left side of the porch and balcony. That means more raking, digging, and leveling. Then I can get the porch joists in place, secure the posts, and fit the header.

I threw a few sheets of subfloor up on the balcony, but I haven't cut anything to fit yet, I'm just fearing the rain will come sooner than predicted and wanted to get some cover.

All can rest easy. I have replaced the temp header with the stronger, sturdier, and "to code" headers.

Another angle showing the half of the porch and balcony that's progressing.

Posted by N2Darkness: Lots of progress today! Like the changes that were made, keep up the good work. I think you have another day of decent weather tomorrow as its suppose to rain on Saturday.
CreepyHomemaker: Too bad you don't live where I do. It hasn't rained in a month and doesn't look like it's going too. We have been building an addition onto our garage. The first week of framing we put it into high gear to dry it in or "beat the rain" Well we beat it and the whole thing is almost finished. It was 107 here today with not so much as a breeze. Why can't it be Fall all year?

Entry 63: June 29, 2012
More progress was made today. I was able to level out and build up the other side of the porch. I am so grateful to be done with leveling and foundation work.

I am one 2x10x8 shy of completing all the joists for the balcony. I still have to put on the rim joists, of course, and I will get to that tomorrow. I also hope to trim and secure the subfloor so I can start framing the second floor walls. Once those go up, it's going to get very exciting!

The balcony is now framed in. I tossed up a few more sheets of subfloor so I can walk around (and to protect from rain).

Another shot of the front porch. It's going to be nice and long now! So excited.

Showing off the beam span joints. (And that one missing joist.)

The front yard is getting very messy. I'm going to have to break stuff down in to "keep" and "toss" piles and make a dump run soon.

End to end, the new front porch will be about 35 ft wide.

Entry 64: June 30, 2012
I'm debating what to do with the new front porch. I think I'd like to secure a subfloor and put a sealing texture coat over it. I'm kinda over the whole plank porch thing.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Well, I was feeling pretty tired today and the rain kept interupting my work, so I finally just gave up and watched some movies with my daughter. I know I should be taking every moment I can to build, but I think by body and brain needed the break.

Entry 65: July 2, 2012
Every G@$D*M! time!
I'm working on the wiring upstairs and I trip on a damn cable. My foot goes right through the ceiling of one of the downstairs bedrooms. I hate doing that. It's so much more work to patch a hole in the ceiling because of the textured walls on the main floor. I am so mad at myself right now . . . and that stupid cable.
I know I shouldn't complain. I should actually be grateful for the cool tempuratures and rain, but it really screws up a house with only half a roof. I've got leaks, mushy drywall, and a mouse in the house! Good news is I have a live catch trap and I've trapped the mouse in a single room. I have tarps everywhere I can put them, but water is evil and always finds a way in.

I really can't wait for that dry spell they keep talking about in the forecast.

Entry 66: July 3, 2012
4:30am: the rain is dumping. I wish I had a giant dome I could put over the entire house right now to protect it from the rain. Soo many little leaks and the towels aren't keeping up.

Maybe I should ditch the house idea all-together and start building an ark? A haunted ark, of course!

Again, for the rest of you suffering through extreme heat and drought, I'm not trying to rub it in that we're cool and water-logged right now. Just seems you always want what you don't have.

10am: you know it's bad when you have water running out of ceiling lights at 5am. It was not a fun time. I've dried everything up the best I can, and I'm hoping the drywall and wood flooring will dry out. I'd hate to have to replace it, but I think I have enough spare hardwood I can if I need to.
2:20pm: things are beginning to dry out, although the winds are throwing the light tarps around a lot. I'm hoping to get some better cover up this afternoon and, I promise, I'll take some more photos.
2:45pm: for all of you who are missing the rain, this is my house at 2:30pm on July 3rd. Yet another band or rain clouds causing me great distress as I go around trying to patch leaks. This weather is insane.

Oh, and there's thunder.

On the plus side, I seriously doubt we'll have too many 4th-of-July related fires.

Posted by Frughoul: Man - bad luck - hope it gets better! At this point you're kinda committed. Keep us posted and keep your head up!
Posted by Haunted Dogs: OUCH! That's so sad to see...I've been following your thread and rooting you on. Sorry you're having so many weather issues. I'd love to share some of our very dry weather, we could as always use the rain! We've been remodeling for the past couple of years (weekends only goes slow). The wiinter we didn't have a roof it rained a lot (for here), and last winter when we had a roof but holes in the walls we got little rain but plenty of wind! Now that we have a roof and exterior walls, but no interior walls or ceiling in the kitchen, diningroom and livingroom, we're hoping that the extreme heat will hold off for a bit longer. We've been lucky so far, but we know we're on borrowed time. At least it just means the house is like an oven, not that we're damaging building materials. I'll be sending sunny thoughts your way, hope it helps!
I appreciate the sunny thoughts. I know I shouldn't complain. I guess I'd rather have 55 degrees and rain than the East Coast's 90 degrees and high humidity.

The weather reports keep saying today is the last day of rain. Tomorrow, July 4th, we're supposed to start a warming trend with plenty of sunshine. This trend should last for at least a week, maybe more.

Entry 66, Continued: July 3, 2012
4:16pm: looks like I will be spending time this weekend doing drywall and fixing leaks. I've already collected four gallons from this "blister" over the kitchen.

Sorry it's sideways

5:00pm: just vacuumed up two gallons of water in the carpet of the kids bedroom. I've got the heater and the fan going in there and I'm trying to get as much water out as possible. I'm hoping I can save the carpet.

Posted by Raven's Hollow Cemetery: Sorry to hear that you're sharing my kind of week TK. Hope everything turns around for you pretty quick buddy.

Entry 67: July 4, 2012
So far, it's been a good Fourth of July. The rain finally went away last night and today was bright, sunny, and in the low 70s.

Due to the weather, I've lost a lot of time this week, but today I was able to secure more of the balcony subfloor and start framing the second floor areas. I also took out some of the joists and exposed the stairs. This is important because I'm building a new set of stairs from the new office to the new attic space above.

Here's the balcony and some of the new second floor. I'm taking the esisting rooms (which had dormers) and bumping the dormers out another foot. I'm also building the second story of the tower, which will become my home office.

A shot of the framing from the other side. It took a lot of time this morning cutting back the joists and continuing the subfloor for a smooth transition from existing to new.

I'm very excited to be building my own office. This will be my private work area and Halloween cave.

You can see the exposed stairs below and, on the right, is the old storage door in our master bedroom knee wall. That tiny door will be expanded and become the door to my office. The stairwell will continue with a second set of stairs up to a new attic space.

I'm collecting a lot of junk wood. I'm hoping to sort it out into wood I can donate and wood I can just burn.

Posted by Rumsfield: The rain missed us on the east side of the State also, but it was 37° out when my Wife and I walked at 5 am this morning.

Looks like you made a lot of progress today. Your office is going to be way cool

Oh hey I will volunteer to come over and sort that scrap pile for exchange of some unwanted props

Entry 68: July 5, 2012
The weather is perfect and I'm realizing I need an army of workers right now to make the most of the sunshine. I'm framing the second floor, but I need to tear down the old dormers so I can run the joists for the new roof. And then I need to throw subfloor up there and start on the new attic space! I'd also like to start sheathing the outside, wiring, insulation, and eventually drywall.

I was really hoping to be farther along, but the weather just wasn't cooperating. Now I'm way behind, and my wife gets home Tuesday! Before she left, she specifically told me she wanted walls and windows when she got back. Oh, dear!

Entry 68, Continued: July 5, 2012
I think everyone should take the time, once in a while, to take off their roof and see just how many bees and wasps make their home under eaves and dormers.

Took about an hour to take the roof off the first dormer. Hopefully, the second one will go a bit faster, especially if there aren't as many bees.

Posted by N2Darkness: Great progress! Enjoy the weather as it's suppose to be great for a little while. Wish I lived closer as I'd love to help.
Mystic Manor: I admire your talents and motivation. Progressing well, I see.

Entry 68, Continued: July 5, 2012
I'd like to say I'm not yet done today, but I'm starting to get pretty tired and (stupid me) a bit sun-burned. (I complain about the rain for a week and completely forget what to do on a sunny day when I'm working on the roof!)

Anyway, I removed both roofs from the old dormers, framed two more walls, and did more work pulling and cutting back the roof. I also took a break and spent some time with my daughter painting some of the house. Of course, I also wasted time trying to fix the garbage disposal and trying to vacuum up more water in the littles' room. I think the carpet is toast. I just need to pull it up and let the subfloor dry out.

Have I mentioned how much I hate water right now?

Showing some of the progress made today, I've framed out my office, which is the beginning of the tower. I'm so excited to have an office!

I've measured everything to make sure the new wall will line up with the original wall of the dormer.

The tower bumb-out from the other side and some more framing.

Another shot of the other dormer with no roof.

Office framing. I'm building this very sturdy as it still needs to support the tower and mansard roof above.

This will be the view from within my office. Two 2x4 windows (I know I still need to put in the jack studs under the windows).

Entry 69: July 6, 2012
We've got lots of reclaimed wood, and it's all FREE!!

Large sheets of 1/2 plywood sheathing, 2x4s, 2x6s, 2x8s, we even have some sections of 2x10s. Come one, come all and get it while it's here. If you don't claim it, my daughter has that glint in her eye that tells me she wants to watch it all burn!

Great for props, bases, structures, toe-pinchers, etc. Come pick it up!

Small cuts and small (under 4x4) sections of plywood and sheathing.

Long boards including 2x4 up to 2x12.

Half in plywood sheathing. Some full 4x8 sheets, others cut or split.

Some thick beams and sections of deck railing.

Entry 69, Continued: July 6, 2012
Finally removing some of the interior walls. It always gets really messy at this point, but it also means I'm making some real progress.

Now I just need to have this all patched up before Tuesday when my wife returns.

Great for props, bases, structures, toe-pinchers, etc. Come pick it up!

Entry 69, Continued: July 6, 2012
Thank you Shawn and Jody. I really appreciate you coming by with the trailer and taking so much wood with you. You've saved me some green by not having to haul it to the dump or burn it in the backyard.

Entry 69, Continued: July 6, 2012
Got a lot done today. Broke through some walls to reveal the "new space". Lots of mess, lots of clean up.

Fewer walls in the bedroom this afternoon. I'm really starting to see just how much more room we'll have.

Nice shot of the bedroom and the new office space.

New footprint of the room.

From the office into the bedroom.

The old wall and the new wall.

Entry 69, Continued: July 6, 2012
Buttoned up for the evening.

Did a bit more work this afternoon adding some structure and cutting back the old carpet. I also had to cut up the carpet in the downstairs bedroom due to the water damage.

The 5 stud brace will give strength to the support above and will give the office door a very solid feel.

My home office is now shrowded amd resting on th.e subfloor thanks to water damage.

Standing at what will be the doorway into the offce.

All buttoned up and ready for a bug-free evening.

Posted by Ghost of Spookie: Impressive progress TK. My heart sank for you when the rain came, having experienced some water damage of my own several years ago from the ceiling falling in our apartment kitchen and knowing how crappy that can be. Hopefully lots of blue skies for awhile?? Curious if your wife has been following your photos while she's out of town...I loved seeing our kitchen get torn down to the studs but we didn't break thru the outer walls. That takes guts! Keep up the good work. Really looking forward to your end project.
I would hope she's taken a peek now and then, but her internet access is painfully limited. She has a 24 hour layover in London on Monday, so she might be able to get some access then.

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