Mill Creek Haunted Hollow: Construction BLOG

Entry 70: July 8, 2012
Good working weekend. Aside from the heat rash and sunburn, I'm pleased with what we got done over the weekend. There's a lot of water damage repair that we did, but we also got some work done on the addition!

I now have a set of stairs from my office up to what will be the new attic space. We were also able to build the remaining office walls and put up the joists to support the new "third floor" attic area.

Sunday afternoon and we're putting on the new attic subfloor.

Looking up the existing staircase to see the new upper staircase.

The new stairs. This took a long time, but it's really nice to have done.

A subfloor above my new office. Nice to have a bit of shade.

Proud of my joists and subfloor (roof).

The littles have returned from grammie's house and are inspecting my work. View from my office looking back at the new stairs and bedroom.

Posted by Terra: Digging the new updates. Can really see it coming together now - thanks for all the cool pictures. I don't say much on this thread but always checking in to see what you've been up to.
Posted by N2Darkness: You've definitely been busy. I'm sure your wife we'll be very surprised with all your work (including the water damage).
Posted by Penumbra: You have made a lot of progress! I wonder what people who drive through you're neighborhood think.
I've caught one or two people snap a picture, and I see some of theneighbors on their daily walk glancing over new and then.
Posted by Frughoul: What kind of water damage did you end up with? Hope it wasn't too bad. What are your plans to prevent that in the future, because it looks like it might be a minute before your roof is completed. Anyway, looking great buddy!
The two front rooms on the main floor, the front bedroom and the livingroom, had a lot of water come in across the sheetrock ceiling and run down the front wall and across the subfloor.

The front bedroom carpet and pad had to be removed. There is one hole in the ceiling (the size of my foot) and there is some slight bowing of other ceiling sections.

The livingroom has some slightly bowed flooring near the front door and has several large sections of ceiling that have bowed down due to being wet.

Things are drying out, and I have taken some lengths of wood to support the livingroom ceiling sections. It's possible they may dry and I can secure them back into place. The hardwood near the front door can be replaced. I have spare hardwood and I had planned on replacing some of it anyway as I am expanding the current foyer a bit to accomodate the new double front doors.

The front bedroom is drying out and all I need to do is patch the ceiling hole and put in new carpet. Again, we had already budgeted new carpet for the upstairs, so adding a 10x12 bedroom won't be that big a hit.

Posted by Im the Goddess: Be careful of mold growth. You may want to replace the bowed drywall cealing and the floor. I heard you have about 72 hours for things to dry out before you start getting mold growth. I think we have some behind the tile in our shower, and I'm really not looking forward to dealing with that in the future. Project looks great. I always have to check the forum for new photos.
Posted by MissMandy: Wow TK, you've been busy! It's been awhile since I've been on here, so I was pretty shocked to see how much you've done. Sorry about all the set backs you've had. But it looks like you have everything under control now. I can't wait to see more!
Thanks, MissMandy! I'm happy with what's been done, but every day I fear I need to get more accomplished because I know it's just a matter of days before we get rain again. Yesterday and today, my schedule doesn't give me any time to work on the house. It kills me to be working when it's so nice outside.

I'm hoping I can get out this afternoon and get stuff done. Maybe even get some sheathing up.

Posted by Terror Tom: Wow! It's really starting to take shape. I wish I had your skills.
Thanks, Terror Tom. You know, when I bought the house 9 years ago, I didn't really have any carpentry skills. I learned as I went through various projects in the house.
- I took out a closet and built a pantry for the kitchen.
- Flipped the pipes around to reposition the washer and dryer.
- Built a small front porch.

- Took out an exterior door that was in the garage and sheetrocked so I could put in shelves.
- Built shelves and drawers for the bedroom.

- Redid the main floor bathroom (ripped out old and put in new tile floor and shower and new sink)

- Removed all the carpet from the main floor and replaced with hardwood. Also removed original kitchen and built entirely new kitchen from scratch.
- Built all my own cabinets, tiled the countertops, put in all new appliances.

- Updated nursery before arrival of third daughter (June).

- Took a year off from major building to do props and "little things" around the house. I also went on a massive diet and exercise plan and lost 90lbs.

- Another daughter arrives (June again) and I start designing some projects.

- Romove old back deck and build new four season play room for the girls (first time with concrete).

2011 - Take off back roof and build new master suite bathroom with walk-in shower and claw foot tub.
- This changes the upstairs bonus room, which we had been using as the nursery, into a true master suite.

2012 - Ultimate remodel on the front of the house (in progress).

I've got photos of all the projects I've done around the house, if people want to see.

Posted by Kallie: I am interested in seeing your project pics. Flipping houses has always been intriguing to me.
Kallie, I'd be happy to post pics from other projects, but it's going to take me some time to go through my archives and find everything. Here's some I was able to find.

The original entry and the front porch I built in 2003.

The original master bedroom and the built-in drawers I installed (this photo was taken while in progress).

A few pics of the sunroom I built to replace the old back deck.

Here are some pics of the creation of our master suite bathroom. I have way too many pics to post them all on here, but what I did was take the upstairs "bonus" room and remove the back roof. I then tied into existing plumbing and built a master bath with clawfoot tub and walk-in shower. I also built a 6x8 walk-in closet. It's a very nice addition to the home and my wife and I are extremely pleased with how it turned out.

Posted by MissMandy: God, I love that soaking tub!
That is an antique 5 1/2 foot long tub that we found for $100. It was made in 1914 and we had it resurfaced ($400). It's a fantastic tub, and really heavy.
Posted by MissMandy: Well yeah, those tubs are made of cast iron right? What a steal that was man!
Yes, cast iron. This is the condition it was in when we found it.

Posted by MissMandy: Wow, that certainly is a gem.
Posted by Kallie: TK421, you. are. amazing.
Thanks! I've always loved designing and building.

Entry 71: July 10, 2012
Didn't get any building done today, but I did burn a ton of scrap wood. Had a lot of shorts and broken pieces and sheathing that really couldn't be salvaged.

Entry 72: July 12, 2012
No rain. Good weather. Putting in the electrical and exterior sheathing.

The new office space with the exterior sheathing up and electrical run.

The new sub panel will be in the stairs. I'm still wiring.

Running 12/2 for the outlets.

Entry 73: July 13, 2012
The rain came back in a powerhouse 15 minute deluge. It came so fast that our neighbors actually ran over with two of their tarps to help out. (That's what great neighbors do!).

The rain past and the buckets and bowls collected the water. We had tarps and plastic, but water always manages to get in. The good news is, it wasn't that bad this time - just 45 minutes of frantically running around with containers and the wet-vac. It came, it went, and we're still standing and mostly dry.

Entry 74: July 14, 2012
Putting the main roof on this weekend. I'm still in the process of permits, so I'm hoping they don't come back and tell me to use a different truss system, because I really don't want to take things apart.

I just have to get a real roof on the house again. The rain is a nightmare.

Entry 75: July 15, 2012
I had a lot of fun with the family this weekend, as it was the Mill Creek Festival. A three day event with local businesses, live bands, local food vendors, a beer garden, etc. It was a lot of fun, and we even got Jack's (our dog) nails trimmed for free! Had some great elephant ears as well.

Shawn and his son (and the masked Brody) were busy with the haunt booth, which had a great mini walk-thru haunt this year.

I also managed to get some work done on the house! The main wiring to the sub panel is now complete. Very happy to have some power back that was cut earlier. Also continued sheathing the exterior, cut the shims for the balcony (for run off) and started some of the trusses for the mansard roof!

It's a beautiful thing to have power!

The shims follow the joists beneath the balcony and provide the proper slope for water run off. A second layer of sheathing will go over the shims.

My wife helped me cut the shims and get them up to the balcony. She said it looked like we were preparing for zombies with all the "spikes".

The beginnings of an authentic mansard roof slope.

Posted by JimmyZDC: Man I'm loving this project. This is really just a dream build in my book. I've worked on tons of home projects and additions for friends and family but still have yet to do anything on my own house. Maybe one day I'll get there but this is just great to watch. I wish I lived close by, I have tons of tools and would have loved to help you along every step of the way.

How are inspectors in your area? I couldn't imagine doing this scale of work as the inspectors here in my area are just a major pain to work with.

The Planning and Development group for Snohomish County is pretty nice. They know they're slow to respond, so they accept good plans and pictures -- which is really nice.

I need them to check on the electrical, but I've followed all the regs, so I think I'm good. Haven't had the build inspector out yet, but they don't hate the plans.

Entry 76: July 16, 2012
Honestly, I don't know if I like having the wife home. She's making me work way too hard. :S Doesn't matter how much office work I have, doesn't matter how I feel . . . she just wants to get the walls and roof up!

Nothing else matters - certainly not my health or sanity.

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm building the tower for Halloween, or as an excuse to purchase a high-powered rifle.

Entry 76, Continued: July 16, 2012
Got a lot done for a Monday! Took a load of junk to the dump which got the front yard "almost" looking normal again. I even had our 8yr old using the shop vac on the grass to get all the little bits or drywall out of the lawn.

In addition to some clean up, I also managed to get the top section of the tower base up! This section is only six feet tall, but it brings the house height up to 26ft. The legal limit for our area is 30 ft, but that's based on some weird math and measures the peak of the roof, so if the tower (which is considered a protuberance, like a chimney) sticks up a bit more, it's okay because it's below the ratio of the peak line. It's really confusing and bureaucratic, but I should be okay.

It's alive! The neighbor's are really starting to stare.

Even when it's under construction in the middle of summer, it's tall enough now it's intimidating.

On a separate note, We're finally planting our pumpkins!

Posted by N2Darkness: I'm always eager to see what progress you've made and things are coming along nicely. I know remodel and addition projects can be stressful on you and you and your wife and you've taken on a big one. I'm pulling for you and hope it's completed in time for Halloween. Keep up the great work!
Remodelling can be stressful, and everything seems to take four times longer and cost twice as much as you budget, but it's all worth it in the end. Fortunately, I've done enough remodelling to the house already, my wife understands the process and has a lot of patience. I'm also doing everything I can to make her areas as comfortable and undisturbed as possible.

Short answer, I married a fantastic and understanding woman.

Entry 77: July 19, 2012
Had a good day. I spent much more time on the computer doing things for the permit office than I did building, but it all needs to happen.

Got some of the roof up and the beginnings of my first circular window. I also dabbled at painting, just to see how the new color will look. So far, I love it!

Shot from the driveway showing off the progress.

I wish it was as easy to build as it was to design. Takes me minutes on the computer, and days in real life.

This dark grey color (called hemotite) has a great look during the day, and can get pretty spooky at night.

Posted by N2Darkness: Cool to see the round window and some of the roof going up, you'll probably need it as its suppose to rain tonight (thunder and lightning here).
Posted by Arronaf: That color is awesome! Looks great with the white trim.
Posted by Mordessa: Wow, it looks like it's coming along so great!! I really love that color too! It's going to look amazing, I'm sure. ... I have been having computer problems like crazy for the past 3 months, but every time I've had use of a computer, this is the first place I come to look at this thread, because I'm loving it! Wish we could sticky it to the top of the list until the build is over!

Anyway, you are doing an amazing and inspiring job TK, and I can't thank you enough for taking all these pictures and posting so often so we can follow along as you go.

I do hope you are able to get a roof up before any more bad rain hits! And like so many others here, I wish I lived closer to ya so I could come help! Good luck to you!

Entry 78: July 20, 2012
Three in the morning and the lightning and thunder made Jack (our dog) nervous, so he woke me up. Gave me some time to enjoy the lightning before the rain came in. Fortunately, it was just a litle sprinkle and I had the tarps mostly up.

Just a little reminder I need to get going on the roof!

Entry 78, Continued: July 20, 2012
The F#&@ing rain is back. I've got some of the roof up, but water is still finding every crack and exposed area to come flooding in.

I really hate the rain right now. As soon as it's let up, I'm putting the rest of the sheathing up and covering everything in roofing paper.

Posted by Danielj2705: Hopefully the finished roof will be worth the rain...Is anything getting damaged?
Nothing new is getting damaged. The carpet is a little wet, but we're going to replace it anyway. some of the drywall in the bedroom is damp, but we're going to take that down, too.

The tarps and buckets are doing their jobs, for the most part.

Posted by Danielj2705: That's good, you'll just have to put up with the damp carpets, hopefully that won't last too much longer though. Good luck with everything.

Entry 78, Continued: July 20, 2012
Okay, I give up. Seriously. Rain is evil. I don't know why the devil is asociated with fire. Fire gives light and heat. Water is pure evil. Dark, cold, relentless. Pure evil.
I've got the plastic and tarps up, but water is running down the roof sections and between the sheathing into the house. It's saturating the insulation and getting everywhere.

Not enough containers to capture all the water. Had some insulation get too heavy and fall down through the plastic.

Thank goodness we already planned on replacing the carpets.

I really hope I can dry off the mattress before going to bed tonight.

Posted by Danielj2705: Oh! Wow...em what else can I say but Sorry.
I agree- Water is evil! You might have to go buy some cheap bowls and stuff from a store to catch more water.
Hoepfully the rain will quit soon.
I quickly looked up the forecast fro your area (as stated in your profile) it seems it will go off tomorrow and then start again for Sunday and Monday. Then be OK for the rest of the week ( )- Good luck
I'm hoping things dry out a bit and tomorrow it's all about getting the roof up. I need to put up the rest of the joists, then the sheathing, then the roof felt.
Posted by Arronaf: Saying a prayer for good weather and dryness for you TK!
Posted by Madame Leota: All I can say is, you must be married to the most amazingly patient woman on earth!
Posted by Raven's Hollow Cemetery: Wow! Really sorry for the crap weather your having buddy. Otherwise, it's coming along great though. Nice work.
Posted by MissMandy: Good grief. You just can't catch a break, can you? Hoping things dry up for ya real soon!
Posted by PumpkinPie: Just wanted to pass on a tip...You may want to go to a janitorial supply house and get an antimicrobial disinfectant, it can be sprayed on the carpets as well as the walls to prevent mold growth...My husband and I own a carpet cleaning company and he uses this stuff on every flood job we have (big or small)...its not very pricey but it is def worth the piece of mind .
Posted by Nexus: I started reading on this early this morning and only just now finished... what with work interupting me and all... but I have to say this awesome. I can't imagine undertaking something of this magnitude on my oww, however you've done well! I know there've been some low points but, considering you live in one of the rainiest places in the states, you've done exceedingly well! Keep the dream alive! I'll be following this very closely... Perhaps one day I'll build my own Munster Manor on Mockingbird lane.
And here I am complaining about a little rain. I mean, I could have a T-Rex problem.

Posted by Hallorenescene: haha tk, funny. and if you sent rain this way, we'd take it. i've been enjoying watching your house come together. it's way over my head, so feel lucky.
Posted by Terra: Rain, floods and a T-Rex! Loving the way the house is looking TK
Posted by Blackfog: Glad the rain has stopped and I have enjoyed seeing the design you first posted come to life! It is going to be spectacular TK and love the way the paint will look!

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