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Entry 103: September 9, 2012
I was able to put up a few more shinges, insulate the stairs to the attic, put another window together, and clean up and prepare for the rain that everyone says is coming this evening.

Getting the R-15 in place to help with the soon to arrive colder nights.

Here's a pic of the three windows from inside the master bedroom. Need to finish updating plans so inspector can approve and I can drywall.

Here's a shot of the tower over the garage. Put in the three windows and it's looking pretty cool.

Just had to complete that section of roofing. I'll probably start doing more, because I really want to get the roof on.

Shot one of the completed windows for the master bedroom. Loving the dental trim!!

I wasn't able to prime everything, but I wanted to get it in place. I love the primed sprice because it has that aged look. Makes it creepy. Just off-white and uneven enough to look old and worn.

Posted by Ghost of Spookie: I love the look of the roof shingles. And oh my the outside of the house is really starting to look like your plans now! You guys must be so excited to see the progress each day as more gets completed. I know when our kitchen was taken down to the studs and being remodeled there was this really long period when it seemed like not much was happening, and then it suddenly started to look like a kitchen. Hope the rain holds off for you guys.
Posted by N2Darkness: Just curious, doesn't your window framing need cripplers next to your jack studs? Doesn't look like there is enough support for the windows underneath.
Your outside window trim looks great! Gonna be a pain in the butt to side around though.
HA! You're absolutely correct, I just haven't put them in yet. It you look in the lower right of the photo, you can see one of them leaning against the wall.
Okay, N2Darkness, is that better? Felt I needed to finish the job before others comment.

Posted by Mordessa: Oh wow TK! Those windows look great! Must be so nice having all that light in the rooms, too. I love big windows or lots of windows in a house. Those tower windows are so cool too. Is that room part of the attic or will that be a bedroom?
Let's see, the triple windows on the far right are the master bedroom. The double windows of the lower tower section are my new home office. The other set of double windows on the left are my oldest daughter's room, which will eventually become a guest suite, and the single window on the far left is a window in the guest suite closet.
The two shorter windows above the double office windows are part of the attic.

Entry 104: September 12, 2012
Bit of a delay in working on the house, had a sore throat since Sunday and finally went to the doctor today. Found out I have strep throat.
Posted by Frughoul: How much time do you have to finish the roof/insulation before it starts getting cold outside?
The house is already completely insulated. The R-30 has been laid between the second floor and the attic. The attic and roof is all cold space.
Posted by Frughoul: That's good news! It's hard to tell with some of the pics, and sometimes I miss a post here or there. Glad you guys will stay warm!

Entry 104: September 14, 2012
"Oh, you have strep throat and it's painful to swallow anything?" . . . "Take these pills twice a day for the next 10 days."

Posted by Gothikim: That is just cruel. I'm not a fan of shots, but I'd rather have a big old antibiotic shot than take those horsepills! Get better soon!
Posted by Raven's Hollow Cemetery: Jebuz, what type of cruel, sadistic doc do you have?!? Freaking horse pills! I might be inclined to give him a kick in the jimmy for that one... Lol!

Entry 105: September 15, 2012
Not even strep throat can stop me! The second dose of antibiotics seems to be working. As long as I drink tea continuously, my throat is starting to feel better.
This morning, at 10am, my front porch was nothing but joists.

But this evening, at 6:30pm, I have a solid, beautiful front porch with proper skirting.

Clean, smooth, and solid as a rock. Down the road, I plan on breaking up the last of the aggregate path and replace with brick.

This pic shows the new porch against the new house color.

And here's the other side of the porch, showing the old house color.

Standing against the garage wall, looking down all 33 feet of front porch.

And looking back from the other side.

I have the lumber and will build a very nice front step tomorrow morning. The step will be a little over 8 feet wide and will have a gentle curve to it. (I hope). The gap at the front of the porch where the exposed skirting can be seen will be covered by a porch cap. It's a nice piece of bullnosed ceder that will protect the edge and act as a raised plate for the railing ballusters.

We're also going to coat the step and porch with Deck Restore. This stuff is absolutely fantastic. It acts as a filling, self-leveling, texturizing sealer.

Posted by Witchy Poo: Looking great. Love the new color and the huge long porch. I noticed a jack o lantern door mat and had to chuckle.
Posted by Dr. Phibes: I was checking out that Restore paint at Home Depot the other day. I have been looking at cheaper floor coverings for a basement floor and am going to use that.
Posted by Tupes: This is really looking awesome....
Posted by Growler: O.k., a couple of questions. Do you think you will be done in time for Halloween this year? Do you have time on the side to still build your Halloween props for this year or will it just be the big redo? Just curious. I love how this is looking and am completely jealous! You are doing such a great job and everything is looking fantastic.
1. I am really hoping I will be done (with the outside) by Halloween. That is my goal.
2. I don'gt think I'll have any time to build new props this year. I am hoping to reuse many of my existing props, but the house itself is the big new prop for this year. Of course, I did buy some of the pose-n-stay skeletons from Costco this year, so I will definitely be putting those up as well.
3. Thanks! I'm really liking how it's coming together.

Entry 106: September 16, 2012
More progress today. I was able to build the front step, which took some real time because I wanted to have a curve. Also did some more painting.

This is the front step up to the porch. it's upside down on the horses, but you can see the curve to the front. This step is 8' 9" and measures 14" deep at the center.

I wanted to make it extremly sturdy. I also primed the whole thing. Want to protect it as much as possible.

Got out the sprayer and painted more of the siding. Having the porch in place made it nice and easy..

The more I paint this color on the house, the more I like it. It's going to look great. I also primed the porch skirt. Eventually, it will be the same grey as the house.

Now I'm just showing off. So proud of the front porch.

I might have to redo the trim around the bay window so it matches the other window trim I'm putting on the front of the house.

End of the day and I put the step in front of the porch to see how it will look. I want to cover the porch and step with the Deck Restore stuff to protect it from the weather and give traction. The pieces that are primed will be painted grey like the house.

Hmmm, it's so long, I'm worried it might not come out far enough. Does it look stubby?

Looking straight on at the front step and eventual front doors. My plan was to have a post on each side of the step to tie into the main porch posts.

Also did some more priming on the main window block today.

Posted by Gothikim: The front step looks fine as is. If you go any deeper with it, you'll have to make it deep enough for a person to take 2 steps before they step up on the porch, and that might be tricky.
Great progress, especially when sick!
Posted by ThatGuyCraig: Looking awsome. I agree the colour looks great.
Posted by Dr, Phibes: Will the window trim remain white or fade to black? I look forward to you painting with that restore product. What color are you going with?
I'm going with the stock "gray" color of Restore. I think it's a good, neutral color and will look good against the other, stronger colors we've chosen.
Posted by SavageEye: I am really good at spending other people's money . . . You are going to replace this window with a double hung one right? Looking good!!! Glad to see that your strep is not getting you down!

For now, I'm going to keep the window the way it is. I'm spending enough money. Down the road, I may redo the window, or the whole wall section.
Posted by Blackfog: TK, everyday this is the first thread I check to see if you have added more pics of your house. I have to say that it is looking amazing and love what you are creating. It is truly a work of art!
Posted by Pseudonym: Me too. Seeing the progress is truly amazing!

Entry 107: September 19, 2012
Looks like a light work day while stuff is out for review, so I started the morning by priming more window casings. I hope to put the texture coating on the front porch next.

Two more frames cut, glued, fastened, and now primed.

Got the big bucket in a medium grey color. Hope it works out.

Entry 107, Continued: September 19, 2012
So here's what the front porch looked like at 10 o'clock this morning...

And this is what it looks like at 11:30am, after the first coat of Deck Restore (granite colored). Working with this stuff, I think I may have spent $78 for a bucket of MonsterMud with sand in it! It certainly has the same consistancy.

And here's the front step with the first coat.

Entry 107, Continued: September 19, 2012
Primed the window casings this morning and installed them this afternoon. Also waiting for the Deck Restore to dry. So far, so good. I do see a few spots where I'm going to want a second coat.

Entry 108: September 23, 2012
I wish I could have gotten so much more done this weekend, but at least I was trying. I framed out the front entry, installed the two carriage lights (I'll have to take them off to finish the front, then put them back) put up some more shingles, and started to build one of the two door dormers over the garage.

Reframed the entry to be "up to code" 2x6 framing.

Put in the carriage lights and wired them up. I know I'll have to take them down to finish siding the front, but I really wanted to get some porch lights.

A close up of one of the lights. Got these dirt cheap off eBay.

Framing one of the two door dormers. Takes a while to get all the cuts right.

There will be a second door dormer to the right. Of course, I still need to build the doors, too!

Simple shot of the house on Sunday afternoon.

Posted by Haunted Nana: I wanna SO MOVE INTO THAT HOUSE It is looking GREAT ALREADY.
Posted by IowaGuy: Need a roommate? I clean :-D
Posted by James B.: That porch is looking awesome. Your roof line is fantastic.
Posted by Dane82: Halloween and home design...this is pretty much my dream thread. i apologize if this has already been mentioned somewhere in the thread, but what design software do you use?
You are the first person to ask. Believe it or not, I don't have any design program specific to architecture or home design. My primary art program is Macromedia Freehand! I don't know if you can even buy it anymore, but it's just the best. I've been using versions of it for 20 years and I'm still very happy with it. Macromedia was a great company, but they were bought by Adobe. Freehand became Illustrator. I like Illustrator, but they changed it just enough I keep going back to my copy of Freehand because I know every little trick.

Everything you see is "hand drawn" so to speak. I have to go in and put in every line, color, shade, etc. So you can imagine the work that goes into some of the 3D images I've put together. It can take some time!

Posted by FrogKid11: Victorian Second Empire house styles are so awesome and I am so envious that you are recreating one. Way to go and I'm having so much fun watching as you progress.
Posted by Dane82: That's absolutely amazing.

Entry 109: September 27, 2012
It's coming. My engineer seems to be in the wind. He said he'd review my stuff Monday or Tuesday. Now it's Thursday and he hasn't done anything. I might have to go searching for a third engineer. I need this stuff done!!
Regardless of the county (they're already mad at me) I have my brother-in-law coming down this weekend to roof the house. That's going to make a huge difference.

Entry 109, Continued: September 27, 2012
Can anyone recommend an engineer in Washington State (prefereably Snohomish County: Lynnwood/Everett area)?

I've tried three engineers around Everett and Lynnwood and none of them have been reliable enough to complete the work. I have drawn up my own plans, based on IBC 2009 (that's what the county follows) and I can't get an engineer to look over my plans and get back to me!
The county wants the plans ASAP. I've been trying for two months, but no engineer has followed through.

Entry 110: September 29, 2012
I am officially on my 4th Engineer for this remodel. I can't believe it, but it's true. #1 was too expensive, so he almost immediately passed the project on to #2. #2 thought he could do it, but ended up not having enough down time because a much larger project came up. #3 seemed to be a good fit, but he was sick for two weeks and finally passed my project onto a compatriot. So, Friday afternoon I sent out the plans again, hoping that this time the Engineer will be able to look at my plans and provide the proper calculations I need to give to the county.
This portion (dealing with the county) has by far been the most difficult element of the remodel.
Posted by Raven's Hollow Cemetery: Dang TK...can't get a break at all eh? Here's to hoping the new engie comes through for you buddy.

This is what I was referring to earlier when dealing with the bureaucratic end of builds. What should go smoothly & seamlessly, just get's all kinds of screwed up when you get to this stage of the game.

I've often mused as to whether the large construction corps grease a few (every?) palm(s), as I wonder why they can get everything done in a timely fashion. Especially after having torn out their blatantly substandard work on remodels, work that never should have passed any type of "inspection" in the first place. So much for being fair and impartial, as the process is supposed to be.

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