Mill Creek Haunted Hollow: Construction BLOG

Entry 111: September 30, 2012
Had a good weekend getting stuff done. I'm on my fourth Engineer and I'm tired of the whole thing, so I'm just building.

Started with the ceiling of the front porch.

Cut the beadboard panels to fit. Time consuming, but rewarding.

Looking pretty clean.

Continuing to put up shingles on the mansard roof sections.

Wrapping the door dormers in roofing felt. Making sure to protect from the rain to come.

Shingled the right side of the main roof and the round dormer. Still need to trim the excess from the dormer roof.

Shingled and trimmed the door dormers.

A nice shot on Sunday evening of the house with the weekend shingling at an end.

Posted by SavageEye: That last picture sure tells a great story! The shingles are giving it life!
Posted by JayBo: How the heck do you have the energy to do all of that? I built a basic 8x8x8 foot box this weekend and I'm wiped. My builder-fu is weak. I must train harder. LOL! Your house is really starting to look amazing.
Posted by SpookyDude44: I've often thought that the next house we buy will have to have great haunt character, never thought of converting an existing structure. You are far braver than I.
Posted by Danielj2705: WOW!! That last picture is amazing! I can imagine it fully finished now. You must be proud.
Posted by Frughoul: It's good to see you back to work on the roof - county or no county! Really, it's not like they can stop you from finishing your house, you are the owner after all. Looking good!

Entry 112: October 7, 2012
Sorry, been busy working, need to take some pics this evening to show progress. Finally had a really good meeting with the Engineer. Looks good, he gave me a few pointers. Should have an approved set of plans to take to the county next week!
Posted by Ghost of Spookie: Been wondering how things were going, hadn't dropped in for a few weeks. Glad things are a go. We've had hot to warm to cool days and cool evenings. How are things holding up for you? When will you be water tight?

Entry 113: October 8, 2012
Okay, here's an update. I've been building the corbels (no pic yet) but I was also able to get a good section of the small skirt roof up over the weekend.

Lots of little joists needed to be built to support the skirt roof (or hip roof as they are called).

I went as far as the garage tower. Going to need some brain power to figure out how I want to run the hip roof around the tower base.

Here's the section around the front porch.

Here is the hip roof with roofing paper covering the sheathing, and some of my giant spiders guarding the front yard.

Entry 114: October 22, 2012
We are progressing. I'm off work this week and I have my brother-in-law coming in th help for a few days. The only hitch in the schedule this week is that the girls have half-days at school because of the parent/teacher conferences. Of course, this also means that We have to attend a few conferences in the afternoon this week. My wife is going to one, but we both need to attend another one.

Our kindergartner is having some trouble adjusting to full day school, and the loud bus ride. She's slightly autistic, and it's just a lot for her to take in and adjust to. Because of that, she's having some trouble at school, and her teacher has asked for an "extended meeting" so that we can discuss options and ways to help at school and home.

Posted by The Red Hollows: I'm seriously curious of how your house is coming along. We went to Bonfires, Beaver Pelts & Bogeymen at Fort. Nisqually tonight and it was pouring down rain and we were soaked. So.... I was thinking.... darn, it must suck working on your house in the rain. Hope it's coming along.
Posted by S.O.S.: I hope the school issues are working out alright. That has to be a pretty big distraction. Following this thread has been absolutely amazing. Good luck and remember that we are all pulling for you!

Entry 115: October 31, 2012
I hate, hate, hate the rain. I know I have nothing to complain about compaired to the haunters on the east coast suffering through Sandy, but we had high winds, which ripped the roof tarps apart, and now we've had non-stop rain and several old, annoying leaks are coming back. So yesterday and today, instead of setting up for Halloween, I've been running around the house and attic trying to fix leaks and move buckets and pans as best I can. I desperately need to put the permanent roof on. I am so sick of leaks, it's absolute torture.

Today is Halloween, and I'm so tired, I don't even want to face it. I know I need to set things up, but the rain and the leaks have just beaten me down so hard, I'm exhausted. If I had a dry bed to collapse into, I'd be there right now.

Posted by Stick: You sound like us here one the other side of the states. Sorry to hear you still do not have the roof finished but think next year this time it WILL be all completed (right County) and look outsatnding.
Posted by Hallorenescene: TK, sorry to hear all this. I know you've put in a lot of time, how frustrating this must be. I feel for you and everyone with all the wind and rain.
Posted by The Halloween Lady: Hey my friend, so sorry to hear about your troubles, and yes it is OK to have a pity party!!! You have worked so hard trying to get ready for Halloween I know you must be so very tired and disheartened. Big hugs and hope you feel better!
Posted by Raven's Hollow Cemetery: I'm so sorry to hear that TK, & it's all the worse after all the planning & hard work you've put into this. *hugs* It seems most of us have been severely affected by the weather this year... But at least we have another year to finish up, and hopefully we'll all have a reprieve from the last 2 yrs horrid atmospheric conditions.

In any case, you've done a wonderful job on a vision of epic proportions! Especially for one to undertake, for the most part, single handed. It's probably difficult to see through the troubles atm, but you have every reason to be proud of what you've accomplished! And I can't wait to see how awesome this will turn out in the end!

Posted by BlackFog: I so agree with Raven and you sumed it up perfectly! Get some rest and can't wait to see it finished I know it will be awesome cause it already is TK!!

Entry 116: November 1, 2012
Thanks to everyone.
At the end of the day, it turned into a pretty good Halloween. My wife and oldest daughter took charge of decorating the yard while I rebuilt the cider cart. We all worked through the downpour, but we set up a pretty good "under construction" display. By the evening, the rain let up and we had a decent turn out for a wet Wednesday Halloween.
Posted by S.O.S.: TK, your spirit is inspiring! Now that the Holiday is behind us, what is the timeline you are working towards?
Posted by Obsessive Witch: If you lived closer to me, I'd come over and help! That is awesome. My husband is a carpenter, but he has been laid off for a while. I'd even bring him along. He's a good sport about me loaning him out. Good luck! I can't wait to see the work-in-progress!
Posted by Dr. Phibes: Halloween may of not worked out for you this year, but just think of how EASY it will be next Halloween with no more construction to do on the house. You will have the coolest looking Halloween house in the county without putting a decoration up!

Entry 117: November 5, 2012
I've posted pictures to my Haunted Hollow Facebook page, but here they are for everyone to see! Here's the daytime set-up. I spent most of my time rebuilding the cider cart. I had to build a new support under the wheels and rebuild the awning, since last year's awning was destroyed by a nasty storm in November. Anyway, because I spent most of the afternoon on the cart, my wife and oldest daughter took charge of decorating the yard with our "skeleton construction crew" theme.

We blocked off the front yard and gave out candy and hot cider from the driveway this year.

This skelly is up all year, by we gave him some flair for the big day.

Our pumpkin patch was small this year. We used a lot of pumpkins on the new balcony.

Still like the cider cart, but this year I built a strong support structure under the cart wheels. Before next season, I'll paint the supports black.

Our foremen sit at the front of the lawn, planning and remodel.

One helpful spider pitches in by lifting some lumber.

Some nice skellies finishing some roofing.

We put a lot of pumpking on the new balcony. Eventually, the balcony will have a railing and the pumpkins will rest of that.

Back to our foremen, still making some last minute changes to the design (just like a contractor).

This spider is just sitting there. Not really pitching in, but not really in the way either.

We got some caution tape and strung it up across the new front porch.

That tower is going to be a giant, intimidating monster when it's done. I can't wait.

Back to the roofing party.

The other side of the new front porch, pumpkins and caution tape.

Porch lights with their orange bulbs, and another construction skelly on the balcony - holding the ladder.

Sometimes, you just need a skelly with a giant pumpkin in a wheelbarrow.

This will eventually be a striking apothecary tower. I have so much work yet to do.

Our good witch, Tabitha, holds a pumpkin and sits atop the balcony.

One should always double-check the work of a skeleton with a caulking gun.

This house will be amazing when completed. I just need to get off this computer and back out there working on it!

Now we go to some evening shots. For something so rushed together, I think it worked out okay.

Giant spider helps lift wood.

Skeletons discuss the remodel plans.

Green floods light up the new second floor.

Can't say "no" to a skeleton with a wheelbarrow.

Some fog makes the scene just a little more spooky.

Main floor has orange lights while the second floor has green floods. The main tower picks up some of the red from the floods on the lawn.

Green flood shows the working spider.

Our pumpkin patch at night. Not as many pumpkins in the patch this year as I put a lot on the new balcony roof.

Our no soliciting skeleton wears a hard hat and has cuation tape around him.

The cider cart with a sign, "Excuse our mess as we remodel to better haunt you."

Looking at the house from the cider cart blockade.

Had a small skelly sit next to the pumpkin patch.

Even during construction, the new tower is intimidating.

Squatting spider in the lawn.

This spider looked really good at night and during the day. The frayed fabric of the legs gave it a swampy look.

Front porch with pumpkins, caution tape, and orange lights from the new entry.

Cherry trees can look creepy in October.

Nice shot showing off a lot of the pumpkins on the porch and new balcony.

Our foremen for the project.

When done right, lighting can really make a scene. One of these days, I hope I have the time to do it right.

Posted by UnOrthodOx: I haven't decided whether you are insane or genius.
Probably both.
I've mostly avoided the thread, as I knew it was a tremendous amount of work over my head. Can't wait to see it all put together, and good job on getting a setup done despite the construction.
Posted by Halloween Lady: Very creative solution! I'm happy you were able to pull something together and not only that, it ended up creepy and clever . Well done.
Posted by Rumsfield: I can see why this project has stalled - way too many "white hats" (bosses) hanging around. All the workers "blue hats" must be hiding.
This turned out really Great considering how wet the week had been. Two thumbs up to you and your family for all their hard work involved to make the Tot's night memorable.
Posted by Terror Tom: Great job TK! You know, if you feed the construction workers, they seem to work a little better.
Posted by Witchy Poo: Wow u so pulled that off. Very impressed.
Posted by Raven's Hollow Cemetery: Lol! That was a great idea TK, and you pulled it off perfectly!
Posted by Lisa48317: I love how you worked with the construction site, putting the skeletons to work. And I'd never say no to one pushing a JOL in a wheelbarrow! It's gonna be WOW when you're done (it is now!)
Posted by Stick: Tk great setup with your construction crew helping you out.

Entry 118: November 6, 2012
With Halloween over, it's back to completing the house. I have recently found a few pics of Second Empire homes that really resonate with me. I'm hoping to incorporate some of the qualities of these homes into my own.

I still want to incorporate some shingle siding, but I don't know what style or where to put it yet.

Posted by Lisa48317: I like the mitered corners. That last house you posted has 3 different kinds of shingles! That would probably be overboard.
Posted by Jack Skellington: Good progress since I last checked in. Glad to see you had to time for a decoration break amidst the construction. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Whichypoo: Fab just Fab!! Love everything you have done even the decorating!! But I do have a question. how did you make the skelly's stand or pose. I cant see a thing on them or attached to them??
Posted by Trinity1: TK....absolutely amazing! I love how you used the on going construction as part of your display. I think it looks awesome and LOVE the skellies discussing the building plans!

Entry 119: November 9, 2012
Was able to do a bit more work in the short afternoons. I did some editing to my original plans and added some architectural detail to the tower. I'm going to leave it up for a few days to see if I really like it.

I've seen a lot of second empire towers that have this sort of detail to separate floors. I thought I would give it a try. The gap you see will be covered with some crown molding.

Looking up from the yard. The space below the detail (where the Lowes can be seen) will be covered with a backboard and corbels.

Getting darker, but one more shot without the ladder in the way. Don't know where the mist came from.

Posted by ScaryBella: TK where do I start... The house is looking great.It's a shame that you didn't get the outside finished for the big night I know you have had more than your fair share of bad luck with the god awful weather that parked itself above your house. Plus not forgetting the time you wasted firing brads into your fingers lol.. I hope that your finger is back to full strength. I remember using my chop saw a couple of years ago and in a split second of not paying attention I took a couple of fingers down to the bone and ripped chunks of flesh out of another couple of fingers. It took a couple of months to finally get the dressings off. I have a bend in a couple of fingers and they ache when it gets cold due to the nerve damage. At least I kept my fingers.. And I have the utmost respect for all power tools, but accidents do happen.

The house is looking great and you should be very proud of the work you have done so far especially when you have done 99% of it on your own.

I was the 12th person to post a comment on this thread all those months ago, and I haven't checked back in all that time I have however spent the last few nights reading the remaining 100 pages in all their glory.. I hope that things are moving in the right direction again with the house and your getting as much done as you can in these short days we have at this time of year.

Looking for to your next updates

Posted by Forever Haunting: I am thoroughly enjoying following your amazing progress on your house. This thread is the first one that I check each time I get onto this forum. It is an understatement to say that I admire your ability to pursue such a daunting and ambitious task. I love what you are doing!
Posted by Weeping Angel: Wow! You are so dedicated! Talk about making lemonade out of lemons. Your family really constructed an amazing unders construction haunt in the midst of all those setbacks. I can't wait to see more pictures of progress and see the final happy home!
Posted by HallowSuzieBoo: OMG TK!!! I FINALLY HAVE A CHANCE TO RETURN TO YOUR THREAD AND ALL I CAN SAW IS WOW!!! Talk about creative way to manage all the "under construction" aspects if your home !!! I tiptoe hard hat to you and your fam -- and now aren't you soooo relieved that you have a reset on the clock for 2013!!??

Following the transformation is a real pleasure and indpiration-- thanks. Posted by Forever Uruk-Hai: Oh WOW! Oh WOW! That is looking just awesome!! I can't wait until next year and see how you have it all decked out for Halloween! I can already picture some flying crank ghosts in those upper windows!

You have no idea what a relief it is to have more time. I think we did good for 2012, but I'm also really happy Halloween fell on a Wednesday (usually one of the slower days Halloween can fall on).
I've got my plans approved by the Engineer and need to get final approval for the tower variance. I'd love to have stuff done by Christmas, but every day, things seem to interfere. I'll get there, just takes time.
Posted by Stick: Great to hear that you got the plans Approved by the engineer now get the other approval and you can fly with construction.
Looking forward to see the completed home.
Posted by Dionicia: The DIY Network should do a show about your house.
That would be cool, but as a one man operation, I don't work fast enough for it to be exciting for a camera crew.

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