Mill Creek Haunted Hollow: Construction BLOG

Entry 190, Continued: September 1, 2013
Haven't posted pictures in awhile, so I thought I would do my best to catch you up.

Slowing putting the kitchen back together. Wanted to put in the new floating lights. These little spot cans are the coolest. They give off great, focused light and have a look we really like. I got them from Home Depot in a set of five.

Took apart the roof over the garage so I could add sheathing to reinforce the rounded top. This is going to make it a lot stronger.

Here's a good angle to see the roundness.

Once all the sheathing is down and secure, tar paper will go down, then the metal roof will be secured.

My daughter helps by standing on the sheathing to help it follow the furve while I nail it in place.

Sheathing is almost done, next step will be the roofing paper.

Shot from the garage roof looking over to the main roof. Nice shot of our little bat house.

My oldest enjoys climbing. Here she is on top of the garage tower before we start putting down the roof felt.

Roofing the garage tower and adding the siding and window trim.

A new shot of the house with more painting done and the top tower dormers in place with the roofing done! I still need to put on more cobels, but we're painting them Labor Day weekend.

And here is my greated asset, my oldest daughter, painting the primer coat on a ton of corbels for the towers.

Posted by Bethany: Fantastic! I wondered whose feet those were in an earlier photo since you took the pic. How wonderful to have her help you so much. THat is quality time!
Posted by Boogyman: I check this thread about 10 times a day. So awesome.
Posted by Katshead42: Wow, everything is looking fantastic!

Entry 190, Continued: September 1, 2013
My wife came home with a surprise! She went by a thrift store and picked up this old chair for free! She's going to take it on as a reupholstry project.

Here's the chair. Going to pull off the fabric, redo the stuffing, and buy new fabric. Maybe something in a teal nouveau pattern.

My youngest examinging the busting webbing on the bottom of the chair.

Entry 191: September 2, 2013
I had a wicked thought. After the framing inspection, I'm really tempted to put a corpsed blucky in the wall. Just so, some day, if someone opens a wall up, they might find it in there!
Posted by Frogkid11: My vote is to do it - think of the reaction of those that may find it one day. LOL
Posted by The Red Hollows: Haha. We put a bunch of stuff in our wall when we remodeled the bathroom. I pitty the fool. Love the kid's room paint job. Your pictures are great by the way.
Posted by Saruman of Many Colours: "For the love of God, Montresor!"
Posted by Mordesa: Haven't been around this forum much this year because of a ton of stuff going on in my life, but this thread is of course the one that keeps pulling me back!

I love everything you've done, TK! It's amazing! I'm so excited for you!

The doors are absolutely gorgeous and they give such a great light to the room! Wow! Really good choice!

My vote is to do the stairs thing while you can after the inspection, and also you simply MUST put that mummified Blucky in the wall! That is such a hilarious idea! I love it! Would be soooo funny just to know that future generations or whoever owns the house next could be totally freaked out if they ever decide to change YOUR stuff! You should put a sign on him too... "I put my life into this house! Who are YOU to change it? GET OUT!" LOL

Thank you so much for keeping us posted while you do all this work! I love this thread!

Posted by Wyatt Furr: Why did I not think of this when I built my house 12 years ago? Maybe its time for a remodel...

Entry 192: September 7, 2013
Finally got around to a little project I've been wanting to do for a while. Added three can lights to the front porch.

Had to remove some drywall to run the new line, and bought this odd two switch light. The top switch operates the two coach lights and the bottom switch operates the new can lights.

These are the can lights installed. I took three flood lights and spray painted the lenses with orange paint - just a dusting. If it;s still too bright, I may take the floods out and spray on some more orange.

Getting the tower over the garage a bit closer to finished. Adding the shingles and some window trim. Also adding the red backing for the tall corbels.

Here's the front of the house. Finished the top of the tower (with shingles!) so it's finally all protected from the rain. Still need to add the corbels and some of the window trim. Getting close!!

Entry 192, Continued: September 7, 2013
Here are some pics of the new porch lights in the evening. I think they're a little bright, so I'll probably take the floods out and give them another coat of the orange spray paint.

Here's a shot from the living room looking out the front window/doors. The orange glow gives an eerie look. I like it.

Here's the floods from outside. They're pretty bright and really drown out the flicker bulbs from the coach lights.

Here's what the house looks like tonight as I look up at the tower from the front yard. This will definitely work for Halloween!

Entry 193: September 8, 2013
I really need to seal the balcony with an extra layer of something to prevent water from getting in.

I have rolled asphalt on the balcony now, but I want an additional layer of protection to prevent the little bit of water that seems to sneak in during a prolonged, hard rain. I've been looking at products from Lowes, like:
  - BLACK JACK 4.75-Gallon Elastomeric Roof Coating
  - BLACK JACK 4-3/4 Gallons Fiber Roof Coating
  - BLACK JACK 4.75-Gallon Elastomeric Roof Coating
  - BLACK JACK 4.75-Gallon Cement Roof Coating
  - Gardner 4.75-Gallon Elastomeric Roof Coating

Anyone have any thoughs, suggestions, experience with these products?

Entry 193, Continued: September 8, 2013
I got some good advice on the DIY Forum and I'll be getting the BLACK JACK 4-3/4-Gallon Aluminum Roof Coating. The elastomeric roof coating doesn't seal for water, so I don't want to get that. The aluminum roof coating is a waterproofer/sealer and has many excellent reviews on Lowe's and other sites.

Entry 194: September 17, 2013
I know I'm backtracking a bit, but I never posted any pics of the insulation going into the office.

Entry 194, Continued: September 17, 2013
Finished getting all the ceiling board up on the front porch. I think it looks really nice!

All cut and in place. One more thing it check off the list.

I still need to put up a lot of trim molding and some braces I cut out to add to the design, but it's nice to have a clean ceiling.

Well, mostly clean ceiling. I'm going to prime and paint the ceiling board with an exterior white.

There's a lot of painting I still need to do. I also need to cut the last bits of siding for the entry.

I like the entry so far, but I'm still adding detail to it. More molding and detail, pop the last two panel pieces in, attach the doorbell, etc.

Two of the unpainted ceiling braces that will eventually span across the front porch ceiling.

Entry 194, Continued: September 17, 2013
Some self-gratifying pictures of how the house looks this weekend. It sure has come a long way, but Halloween is just around the corner.

Wanted to get a picture of what the tower really looks like if you stand at the front of the house and look up.

Still have a lot of siding and corbels to put up. Also see a lot of places I still need to paint.

The last round window is waiting to be carried up to the tower. I still need to build the window/doors that will go above the garage.

Lots and lots of lainted corbels just waiting to be carried up and put in place.

Entry 195: September 22, 2013
Rainy weekend, so we turned to work on the interior. Finally picked a color for the walls in the living room (Valspar Nostalgia) and I started in on the wood paneling.

Just trying out some color options. I think the metallic copper is the best match. The final damask pattern will be different, but this is what we used for testing.

Just painting the top half of the wall. The bottom half will be covered by the wainscoting.

The plan is to paint the blue as the base, then use a template to spray on the damask pattern for a more Victorian look.

I'm really happy with the color.

Starting to put the wainscoting up. This turned out to be a long process, but it's worth it in the end.

To build the wainscoting, I have a flat panel for the base, then I build up the panels with two more layers. This is the base plate, which is 9 in. tall.

Building up the panels for the wainscoting. Each panel is 13 in by 33 in.

This one section of wainscoting took several hours to complete because of measuring, cutting, remeasuring, etc. The finished product looks great!

Mere's a better shot of the wainscoting. I will paint it next with a wood tone that still allows the wood grain to come through. I'll then put on a clear coat to bring out the polish.

Very happy with how the wainscoting came out. The wood fill hides the brad nails and seams.

Posted by Bethany: Looks great!! Looking forward to seeing it all complete. You must be too.
Posted by N2Darkness: Wainscoting looks great! Just a little heads up or tip, the wood filler will also fill in some of the wood grain and will appear smooth after you paint it. Take a damp rag or sponge and try and clean off as much as you can before it drys, but to be careful not to take any out from where your trying to fill. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing some more of your finished pics!
Posted by The Red Hollows: Ummm... so, not the best day around here for finishing up your house, eh? We actially have a little flooding in our front yard. How are you faring?

Entry 196: September 28, 2013
Extremely aggrivated that the leak I thought I fixed just came back today! It really pisses me off because I've worked so hard to fix the leak, rebuild the roof and balcony (twice) and I thought I sealed everything up -- but no -- the damn leak is back.

Entry 197: September 29, 2013
A photo of my old nemesis. I hate, hate, hate this damn leak. I've rebuilt the roof, rebuild the balcony, run felt paper, shingles, plastic, and even drylock to try and prevent this pesky little leak from getting in, but no matter what I do, it finds it's way in. I am asolutely determined to get rid of this leak, even if it means I have to build a house-sized umbrella for rainy days!!

Entry 197, Continued: September 29, 2013
Added more of the wainscoting and painted it. Loving the look.

Posted by The Halloween Lady: Hey TK, I haven't checked in here for a while and I am amazed and happy to see you so close to the finish line. It is really a show stopper. I had to chuckle remembering last year when you knew you'd be about done by Halloween. Then when the big day came there were all these "boney construction" workers on the job as the TOTs filed by.

But look at you now!!!! Your beauty is really truly almost done... aside from you and your leak it looks like smooth sailing. You and your leak sort of reminds me of Wiley Coyote and the Road Runner.

Posted by Brimstonewitch: The house is looking spectacular! I cannot wait to see the on-going pic's from the project and the final results. Excellent talent there my friend!
Posted by Penumbra: Great job! You have so much patience! If I was doing this, I'd get so frustrated, I'd just blow up my house and have a nuclear fallout theme.
Posted by ZombieRaider: Make sure it's not going in somewhere else....I spent half a summer patching my roof only to discover it was coming in above a window and running down the studs....Once I caulked around the outside of the window, the leak was gone.
Posted by Gerardina: Good luck with the leak! I hope you can get it fix. I like the blue color, it looks great with the wood.
Posted by Spookilicious Mama: WOW just WOW!!! I cant believe how far you have come since I last checked!!!! Awesome just simply beautiful and awesome So happy for you.
Posted by The Red Hallows: Oh my goodness. I hate leaks. This weekend is going to be nice.... nice, in the sense of NOT raining. A little break will help you out with the house hopefully.
Posted by Baylor: Amazing... Cudos to you! Wish I could contribute with that sort of dedication.
Posted by Wolfman: TK, you are living the've converted your home into a Haunted House. I salute you.

Entry 198: October 5, 2013
I coated the balcony in the aluminum roof coating. So far, it looks good and I can see water bead up and roll off. Hopefully, I have permanently resolved the leak issue. Won't know for sure until the next big rain, but once again, I'm crossing my fingers.

Entry 199: October 6, 2013
I know it's a bit blurry, but I'm setting up for Halloween.

Posted by Jdubbya: Looking good!
Posted by Stick: TK, it's looking great and may the leak be a thing of the past.
Posted by Bethany: I LOVE IT!! Wish that was my house. You have done FA BOO LOUS WORK!!
Posted by Saruman of Many Colours: Very nicely done! The renovations set a wonderfully spooky atmosphere.
Posted by James B.: Looks amazing

Entry 200: October 11, 2013
Making headway on the exterior. Added the ironwork to the tower and main mansard roof, and added the corbels to the tower over the garage.

Tried to get some good shots of the ironwork on the roof tops.

Tried to get some good shots of the ironwork on the roof tops.

Tried to get some good shots of the ironwork on the roof tops.

Garage tower with the corbels.

Garage tower with the corbels.

Garage tower with the corbels and the facade windows.

Garage tower with the corbels and the facade windows.

Posted by Madame Leota: You don't even need to decorate for Halloween this year - people will be lined up just to get a look at your house! I must admit, I had my doubts when this thread first began, but you have done an incredible job. It is just beautiful!
Posted by Camsauce: You've shown some serious determination through this whole thing and its paying off. Its going to be stunning when its all done.
Posted by Skullnbones: WOW! just WOW! WOWWWWWWW. I love to see your progress week by week. It just looks stunning!
Posted by Defenestrator: It's getting sooo close. This has been an amazing journey...thanks very much for taking us all along!
I think I'm as excited to see the finished product (Halloween display and all), as I am to get my own haunt completed.
Posted by Nevergoback: Oh Man, I wish we could modify our house. There is a couple somewhere in Texas who made their house look like the Munster house on the inside, I want that! Well, I would like to add a covered porch out front. But you know how that goes....doing our best to pay off the mortgage before we retire....I've got six more years...... ugggh.
Posted by Haunted Nana: I absolutely am in love with your house. It is amazing to have watched the transformation. Thanks so much for sharing your hard work.
Posted by Bethany: It looks Beautiful!! You have done a fantastic job.
Posted by TheEighthPlague: The house looks fantastic. So, the wife wants to know if you'll still planning on putting up the railing on the second floor? We were looking at your plans and the most recent pictures and it looks good. So, how many corbels in all?
We're hoping to run a preview the days before Halloween and we're thinking of running on Saturday the 26th for fellow haunters to drop by, since we're all usually too busy on Halloween to see anything!
Posted by The Real Joker: Looking great so far - nice progress
Posted by Arronaf: I wish I was closer than Germany, would love to see it. Thank you for allowing us to follow along on your work of love. Maybe the next assignment will bring me closer!

Entry 201: October 13, 2013
Fixing the damaged drywall from the leak. I want to say I have once again fixed the leak, but I worry if I make an announcement like that, the leak will return out of spite.

Entry 202: October 16, 2013
Well, it finally happened. I was working on the front porch and I fell off the ladder (well, step-ladder). Actually, the ladder collapsed under me and I slammed to the ground (with paint roller in hand) on top of the collapsed ladder and brick path.

It happened so fast, I was on the ground with the wind knocked out of me before I knew what had happened. My thigh landed hard on the metal of the ladder and I know it's going to bruise up as it's already really sore. I caught my foot in the steps of the ladder and damn-near ripped off my big toe, too. Other than that, I just ache all over.

What have I learned? Never buy a $15 Rubbermade step-ladder!

Posted by Saruman of Many Colours: Sorry to hear that, but lucky that you weren't up any higher than that.
Posted by The Pod: Glad to hear it wasn't too bad. I broke my arm several years ago on a similar step ladder where the plastic cracked, the ladder collapsed and down I went. Same thing, happened so fast.
Posted by Scarybella: Love getting my weekly updates TK, Diy can be dangerous thats for sure lol.. I hate those small step ladders.I feel safer on a big set up against the house clearing out the gutters than those sort..glad your ok apart from a few bruises and near decapitated big toe.keep up the cracking work.
Posted by Wolfman: Close call, TK, glad you're OK. A good method of determining if a ladder or scaffold is safe; if you aren't comfortable, do something about it. NEVER take safety for granted.
Posted by Tyrant: Oh my Lord. This thread is amazing. Someday when I'm rich, I'm hiring you, TK, to come remodel our home!
Posted by Witchy Poo: Im not sue happy but this sounds like a good case. Happy to hear you are ok.
Posted by Bethany: Luckily it was the step ladder and not while you were up on the roof!! Know you'll feel the worse on day 2. Stay safe!

Entry 202, Continued: October 16, 2013
Had some time this afternoon with my four year old, so I did what any good father would do and built her a coffin.

Posted by S.O.S.: Glad to see the fall hasn't slowed you down. Everything looks amazing!
Posted by Laylaanngrant: This is going to be AMAZING! I cant wait to see the finished pics!
Posted by The Pod: My 11 yr old daughter keeps asking for me to build her a coffin to sleep in rather than her bed.

Entry 203: October 18, 2013
My 4 year old wanted to help so I set up some plastic and thought she could do some painting. Word of warning, this is what happens when you give a four year old a brush!

She started out pretty good. Just painting the statuaries as best she could.

She slapped, swatted, swiped, and slammed the brush against the garden statuaries. She also liked to dunk the brush into the paint as far as she could, but most of it was getting onto the markers.

My four year old, M.J., at her cutest!

For some reason, she started painting the rocks I had put down to hold the drop plastic in place.

At the end, I took her in for a shower and then went back out to finish the painting. One thing I'll give her credit for, she wasn't afraid to put on a thick coat.
The most important thing is that she had a lot of fun "helping" me. It was well worth the $5 of mis-mixed discounted paint we got from Lowe's.

Wife is taking a nap (not feeling well) so I'm taking over the dining room table for the evening.

Entry 204: October 22, 2013
It's Starting to Look Like Halloween!

Finally cleaning up the last of the driveway and getting more and more of the Halloween decorations out. I still need to set up the giant spiders, webbing, and more skeletons, but I've got a lot out now.

House as seen from the cul-de-sac.

Still looking at the house from the cul-de-sac. Can't see the strobe light in the top tower in the pic, but it works.

End of the driveway looking at the garage.

Pumpkin patch and ToT path entrance from the driveway.

The house.

The Pumpkin King.

The Pumpkin King with the house in the background.

The Pumpkin King with the garage in the background.

The Pumpkin King with the house in the background.

The Pumpkin King standing at the front of the graveyard.

The start of the ToT path to the front door.

More of the path, lit by the pumpkin path lights.

The hangman tree.

The graveyard. That's a new groundbreaker on the left. His arm is supposed to be up higher.

Graveyard again. The flash really takes away the scare.

Yup, still the graveyard.

House is really coming together.

Loving the remodel. In this shot, the flash caught the arm of the Pumpkin King.

Fun, exciting, skewed, bat-angle!

Posted by Ghost of Spookie: Outstanding TK421! You did it! Your house looks so spooky....can't wait to hear how your halloween turns out. Your attic area is the crowning glory decked out in orange. Could say so much more....!
Posted by Wyatt Furr: So happy for you. Everything looks wonderful. Your hard work has paid off. Congrats!
Posted by Bethany: Looks great! So wish I lived closer to see the fantastic work in person! Standing Ovation for your work!
Posted by Harvestmoon: Soooo beautiful!!! You should be so proud!!!
Posted by The Red Hollows: Love it, TK. It looks fabulous. What a journey.
Posted by Ghost of Spookie: Wanted to come back this a.m. and gush over your Pumpkin Man. How tall is he? He turned out fantastic and almost looks like a live animated creature that could step over that fence and take your candy. When in the world did you find the time to build him? He's very impressive.

I think your house will become known as the Halloween House. Kind of like living down the street from the Addams Family House or The Munsters House LOL. How many kids do you think you'll have this year?

If you haven't had anyone from your local press or TV stop by to do a story, someone from your family should call them. You have an interesting story to tell. And you deserve alot of kudos. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy as well. How are the wife and kids liking it?

The amount of ToTs we get varies depending on the night of the week, but it's been growing. I think we'll break 300 easy this year. We've been known as the "Halloween House" for a few years already, but now I think we're earning the title.
We've tried contacting the press in the past, but they're more interested in professional haunts. I think we should try again this year, as we're quite the spectacle. What I'd really like to do is get on one of those HGTV shows like, "What's with that house?" or one of the Halloween specials various channels like Discovery and the Travel Channel put on each year.

The kids love the house and the wife is happy we're close to being done. I think she's more concerned with finishing the interior at this point. Finishing the drywall, getting color on the walls, passing the remaining know, the little stuff.

Posted by Whichypoo: I wish I could come see the house myself. Job well done.
Posted by NHH: This turned out so amazing!!! I would love to do something like this but, the HOA would have kittens fly out of their butts. What an awesome dream, all of the hard work is paying off. Wish I was closer as well.
Posted by Bryan_Tolley: Looks amazing, glad you were able to do everything you wanted to.
Posted by Ween12amEternal: Wow, looks amazing. A Spooky Town village come to life.
Posted by The Red Hollows: I have a strange urge to say how proud I am of you and your wife.
Posted by Jack Skellington: I'm exhausted just reading your blog of the remodel. Amazing work, you are a true craftsman.

Entry 205: October 29, 2013
Well, one "big" day is finally here. Today, I is my birthday and I am now 40 years old. When I was young, 40 sounded so old. Now that I'm 40, and decorating for Halloween and playing in my giant Victorian Manor, I really don't feel that old. In fact, I feel younger than I have in years!

Nothing puts a damper on birthday joy like a visit from the County Inspector. The inspector came and pointed out a few things. Most everything is really minor, but it would seem the egress window I installed in the new master bedroom (which I thought had been approved with the plans) is now "not big enough". I'm going to talk to the county and see what can be done. With all the work I've put into the exterior, I really don't want to have to pull the window out and try to install something larger.

On the plus side, the inspector said the next time I call in I should call in framing and insulation so he can (hopefully) sign off on both of them.

Entry 205, Continued: October 29, 2013
The window in question is just too small. It doesn't meet the minimum width for an egress opening and it doesn't meet the minimum area of 5.7 sq. ft. This means I need to either replace the window with something larger, or find another way out of the master bedroom.

I sent an email to the building inspector supervisor and I'm going to see what he has to say, but he'll probably just tell me what I already know. Safety = no work-around.

Posted by Terror Tom: TK, the house looks awesome! Do the other windows meet their requirements? Can the upper and lower sashes be removed for an emergency?
No, the other windows are just single hung 24 x 48 windows.

There are special egress windows that open inside. They're a bit wider, 27 in. instead of 24 in. but the opening is wider, giving the proper clearance for the egress requirements.

Problem is, they're expensive. I'll have to go to Lowe's tomorrow and see what I can find. The guy that usually works the windows area is really good and can usually find what I'm looking for.

Posted by Count Chocula: TK, you are a madman! From one guy to another...I salute you.

Entry 205, Continued: October 29, 2013
Wanted to share some pictures of the birthday cake my wife made for me! I love it.
Two big pumpkins to represent myself and the wife, and four little pumpkins for our four daughters.

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